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3 Businesses That Totally Get the 'Pokemon Go' Craze

It’s no secret that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. With more active users than Snapchat, Pokemon Go has inspired all kinds of businesses to find creative ways to take advantage of this new craze.

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Here are three companies that have used technology tricks to use Pokemon Go to promote their business.

1. PokeStop Filter from Yelp


If you’re itching to go on a Pokemon Go run during your lunch break, Yelp’s got your back. Yelp recently added a PokeStop filter so you can find out which restaurants or stores are near PokeStops.

PokeStops are physical locations where players can electronically stock up on supplies needed in the game. And who knows - someone might drop a lure while you’re around. And if you leave a review, Yelp asks if there are PokeStops nearby.


2. PokeWeek at LA Zoo


The LA Zoo went all out when it came to hosting its own personal “PokeWeek”, which ran from July 25 to 29. The Zoo dropped lures, which attract Pokemon, on its 45+ PokeStops. Pokemon Go players were also given a 3 dollar discount if they came after 2 PM.

The Zoo also offered Safari Shuttle services, which is supposed to run slow enough to allow Pokemon Trainers to incubate their eggs. But the Zoo didn’t stop there: if players post a picture of themselves catching a Pokemon within Zoo grounds, they entered a drawing to enter annual membership to the Zoo for more Pokemon catching.


3. McDonald’s Gyms


McDonald’s hasn’t been doing to hot recently, so it’s turned to Pokemon Go to bring it back to its former glory.

The fast food company recently struck a deal with Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, that will transform all of the 3000 McDonald’s locations in Japan into Pokemon Gyms. Gyms are where players can use their virtual animals to compete against each other.

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