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How Computer Repair Contractors Should Operate In 2016

How computer repair contractors should operate in 2016 ranges from being certified in top business software for computer repair companies to offering trending solutions for protection such as screen protectors for iPad from Ultimate Shield. Let’s not forget about the continued threat from hackers, malware, and data thieves.

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These pillars of computer repair business take center stage for repair contractors in 2016.

1. Computer Security for the Masses

A clean understanding of computer security is needed for 2016 and beyond. With the FBI laying charges against foreign governments such as Iran and Russia for attempting to hack government and private sector computers. Those are just the governments, what about the common criminal? Some opportunistic thief stole hard drives full of medical insurance data fromCentene, and it just gets worse. While there is bad news for data companies there is good news for computer repair contractors, especially those who are certified in computer security and emerging technology.


2. Mobile Tech and Tools

Consider that in 2016, over 1,424 million smart devices were purchased by end users. Imagine the profit available for those computer repair contractor who can replace the cracked screens on just a fraction of those new phones. According to theTechRepublic, People in the U.S. spent $23.5 billion dollars in 2014 replacing cracked screens. Cha-Ching! Opportunity is knocking. Mobile tech and tools is something every computer repair contractor should hone in on for 2016.


3. Protect Your Hardware

Screen Protectors help to offset that $23.5 Billion spent on cracked screens. Smart computer repair contractors can profit even more by offering solutions to damaged screens - screen protectors for iPad from Ultimate Shield are an easy solution. Plus, they are easy to install, and while repairing the screen no better opportunity exists to sell a screen protector with a surface hardness of 9H that does not interfere with the sensitivity of today’s smart devices.


4. The Right Business Software

There is a host of business software for computer repair companies available. Powerful software suites offer a keen sense of computer repair service business needs. What you gain is better time management so you can concentrate on your customers without having to struggle with marketing, accounting, and inventory. Do more with less by investing in quality software designed for those of us who repair computers.

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